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Productivity and Business Systems

ASG offers products and services in the field of integrated e-business enterprise applications including time reporting, inventory control, payroll, automated customer interaction, dispatch, customer relationship management, sales force automation as well as other modules. ASG believes that our understanding of the market place allows us to deliver powerful offerings to our clients. You run your business do not let your business run you.

Productivity and Business Systems
Application Hosting

Application Hosting

ASG offers a web based solution that allows its customers to run their software applications via the cloud for a monthly fee. This solution provides the same functionality as locally installed software with the advantages of lower TCO, faster deployment, lower risk and total ease of use. Understanding customer application and business needs allow ASG to deliver superior customized offerings to our clients. You run your business do not let your business run you.

Customized Software Applications

ASG offers specially developed solutions that accommodate our client’s particular needs and expectations. We follow a step by step discovery process allowing all distinctions and possible unknown menaces to be understood. We operate this process in a client involved agile environment to ensure deliverables and functionality. ASG believes that businesses understand their needs and often need customized software to deliver their offering to the market place. You run your business do not let your business run you.

Customized Software Applications
Professional Services and Consulting

Professional Services and Consulting

ASG has an unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise to ensure the success of your project. ASG delivers high-level consultative solutions, enabling predictive service execution that allows our clients to achieve desired results, overcome competition, ensure consistent delivery of products and services, better manage customer expectations, track information, drive revenue, retain and develop top talent within the given industry. ASG only engages in the segments where we know we can deliver, we believe in and understand our strengths.

Our Core Values.

We Believe

We believe in servicing our clients according to their needs and developing applications to solve or enhance their business needs.

We Understand

We understand that we are an extension of our client's businesses and conduct our business accordingly.

We Deliver

We deliver applications and solutions that exceed our client's expectations.

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Attune Software Group is a software development company based in Amarillo, Texas. We have over 30 years experience in software development, implementation and consulting experience to help bring your business to the new age of operating efficiency.


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